Music: Spring 2024

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUAP-1145 Individual Trombone MUAP-1145-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUAP-1161 Individual Guitar MUAP-1161-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Yang, Yu-Hsuan  cv MUAP-1169 Individual Piano MUAP-1169-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUAP-1181 Individual Voice MUAP-1181-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUAP-1182 Individual Voice MUAP-1182-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kates-Hammond, Cindy  cv MUAP-1218 Individual Flute/Piccolo MUAP-1218-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kates-Hammond, Cindy  cv MUAP-1233 Individual Saxophone MUAP-1233-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUAP-1238 Individual Trumpet MUAP-1238-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUAP-1249 Individual Euph/Baritone MUAP-1249-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUAP-1261 Individual Guitar MUAP-1261-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUAP-1262 Individual Guitar MUAP-1262-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUAP-1269 Individual Piano MUAP-1269-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUAP-1281 Individual Voice MUAP-1281-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUAP-1282 Individual Voice MUAP-1282-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUAP-2171 Individual Piano MUAP-2171-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Miller, Megan  cv MUAP-2204 Individual Violin MUAP-2204-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUAP-2252 Individual Euph/Baritone MUAP-2252-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUAP-2255 Individual Tuba MUAP-2255-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUAP-2264 Individual Guitar MUAP-2264-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUAP-2284 Individual Voice MUAP-2284-080CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUEN-1121 Concert Band MUEN-1121-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUEN-1122 Concert Band MUEN-1122-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUEN-1139 Guitar Ensemble MUEN-1139-170CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUEN-1140 Guitar Ensemble MUEN-1140-170CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUEN-1141 Mainland Chorale MUEN-1141-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUEN-1142 Mainland Chorale MUEN-1142-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUEN-2121 Concert Band MUEN-2121-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUEN-2122 Concert Band MUEN-2122-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUEN-2139 Guitar Ensemble MUEN-2139-170CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUEN-2140 Guitar Ensemble MUEN-2140-170CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUEN-2141 Mainland Chorale MUEN-2141-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUEN-2142 Mainland Chorale MUEN-2142-270CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUSI-1117 Sight Singing and Ear Training II MUSI-1117-150CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Yang, Yu-Hsuan  cv MUSI-1181 Class Piano I MUSI-1181-160CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Termini, Steven  cv MUSI-1182 Class Piano II MUSI-1182-161CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kochen, Timothy  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-051IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kates-Hammond, Cindy  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-052IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Raines, Matthew  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-053IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kates-Hammond, Cindy  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-151CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-152CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kochen, Timothy  cv MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation MUSI-1306-054IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUSI-1307 Music Literature MUSI-1307-150CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUSI-1310 American Music MUSI-1310-050IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUSI-1310 American Music ARTS-1310-051IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kiefer, John  cv MUSI-1310 American Music MUSI-1310-153CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUSI-1312 Music Theory II MUSI-1312-150CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Heffel, James  cv MUSI-2117 Sight Singing and Ear Training IV MUSI-2117-150CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Termini, Steven  cv MUSI-2181 Class Piano III MUSI-2181-162CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Termini, Steven  cv MUSI-2182 Class Piano IV MUSI-2182-162CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Boyd, Paul  cv MUSI-2312 Music Theory IV MUSI-2312-150CL  Syllabi  Evaluation