Petrochemical Process Technology: Spring 2023

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Provost, Angela  cv Industrial Economics PTAC-1350-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Provost, Angela  cv Industrial Economics PTAC-1350-002IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Scurry (Martin), Elisa  cv Industrial Processes PTAC-1354 -101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Scurry (Martin), Elisa  cv Industrial Processes PTAC-1354-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Lewis, Derrick  cv Intro to Process Technology PTAC-1302-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Scurry (Martin), Elisa  cv Intro to Process Technology PTAC-1302-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Lewis, Derrick  cv Process Equipment PTEC-1310-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Scurry (Martin), Elisa  cv Process Equipment PTAC-1310-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Lewis, Derrick  cv Process Instrumentation PTAC-1332-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Magee, Angela  cv Process Instrumentation PTAC-1332-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kupsa, Karen  cv Process Operations PTAC-2438-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Kupsa, Karen  cv Process Operations PTAC-2438-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Wilson, Elizabeth  cv Process Systems PTAC-2420-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Wilson, Elizabeth  cv Process Systems PTAC-2420-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Charlotte  cv Quality PTAC-2314-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Charlotte  cv Quality PTAC-2314-002IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Cooper, Jimmy  cv Safety Health & Enviromental PTAC-1308-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Cooper, Jimmy  cv Safety Health & Enviromental PTAC-1308-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Link, Dennis  cv Trouble Shooting PTAC-2346-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Hartschuh, Jeff  cv Unit Operations CTEC-2445-201CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Bourgeios, Ceadric  cv Unit Operations CTEC-2445-202CL  Syllabi  Evaluation