Occupational Safety and Health: Spring 2021

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Njoku, George  cv EPCT-1305 Environmental Regulations Overview EPCT-1305-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Njoku, George  cv OSHT-1321 Fire Protection Systems OSHT-1321-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Njoku, George  cv OSHT-2305 Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety OSHT-2305-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Njoku, George  cv OSHT-2309 Safety Program Management OSHT-2309-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Njoku, George  cv OSHT-2401 OSHA Regulations - General Industry OSHT-2401-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation