Information Technology: Spring 2022

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Litzman, Jeramey  cv ITNW-1345 Implementing Network Directory Services ITNW-1345-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Litzman, Jeramey  cv ITNW-1353 Supporting Network Server Infrastructure ITNW-1353-001IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Chance, Paul  cv ITSC-1305 Introduction to PC Operating Systems ITSC-1305-128HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Chance, Paul  cv ITSC-1325 Personal Computer Hardware ITSC-1325-118HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Chance, Paul  cv ITSC-1391 Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences, General Linux ITSC-1391-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation