Criminal Justice: Spring 2023

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CJSA-1382 Coop Ed Criminal Justice CJSA-1382-101CL  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CRIJ-1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice CRIJ-1301-031IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CRIJ-1306 Court Systems and Practices CRIJ-1306-031IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CRIJ-1310 Fundamentals of Criminal Law CRIJ-1310-031IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CRIJ-2313 Correctional Systems/Practices CRIJ-2313-031IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Carla  cv CRIJ-2328 Police Systems and Practices CRIJ-2328-031IN  Syllabi  Evaluation