Computer Science: Spring 2022

Instructor Course Title Course Section Syllabus Evaluation
Ratliff, Chris  cv COSC-1301 Introduction to Computing COSC-1301-001HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Anderson, Patrick  cv COSC-1301 Introduction to Computing COSC-1301-002IN  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-1336 Programming Fundamentals I COSC-1336-101cl  Syllabi  Evaluation
Mills, Joseph  cv COSC-1436 Programming Fundamentals I COSC-1436-201HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-1436 Programming Fundamentals I COSC-1436-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Lee, Hiep  cv COSC-1437 Programming Fundamentals II COSC-1437-201HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-1437 Programming Fundamentals II COSC-1437-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-2325 Computer Organization COSC-2325-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-2336 Programming Fundamentals III COSC-2336-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-2425 Computer Organization COSC-2425-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Alexander, Faith  cv COSC-2436 Programming Fundamentals III COSC-2436-101HY  Syllabi  Evaluation
Moore, Courtney  cv ITSW-1307 Introduction to Database ITSW-1307-201HY  Syllabi  Evaluation